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My name is Mia Rose Delgato. I am an Alpha Female shifter and I am 20 which means I have the opportunity to find my mate. Since I have been looking for two years, I am confident they are not in my own pack. I am the daughter of Alpha Isha and Luna Hope Delgato of the Desert Moon pack in Nevada and what they refer to as the pack princess. My Fraternal twin brother Eli will be the next Alpha of our pack and he uses that fact to taunt me.

Eli and I argue often and are always competitive. Recently a new friend of ours, Nikki helped us with our sibling rivalry by having us spar against one another. It has helped our relationship immensely and he doesn’t tease as badly as he once did. Because of Nikki, people don’t always just automatically side with Eli anymore either. That itself is liberating.

There is a blood moon in just two days' time and I am excited at the prospect of finding my mate, even if we are traveling to the other side of the country for the ball, I am hopeful tha
Artemas J R Broyles

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I know it has only been two days, but I missed these characters. They will always be special, because they were the first. Don't get me wrong, I love my new book Alpha Baylor and I will love him and his crew like TBML gang, but it is different. Hopefully you enjoyed this first chapter, and will love seeing parts of the story you know throught different eyes as well as the new things that Mia and Kendall have to share with us. As always, Thanks for reading! -A :)

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Simone Carlisle
Mia is sweet!

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