I wish I had some ibuprofen. My jaw feels like it is broken. I know the punctures on my arm are deep, and they hurt, but they are nothing compared to the pounding pain in my face. When we transported an hour ago, my adrenaline was still pretty high, so my pain was tolerable. But with every passing minute, I can feel the swelling in my cheek getting worse.

"No moving, human. Remain silent," the freakishly tall alien growls as he drops me on a stone floor covered in trash and filth.

I nod fearfully while glancing around. This is the first building we have come to. When we transported, we were outside in the middle of a field. But it wasnt like any field I had ever been in. It was dead silent, and the air seemed frozen around us even though it was warm.

While the other two Gafrops continue walking out of the room with a now silent Zor, the hateful beast with a mean slap doesn't leave. He approaches a black panel of buttons and begins to type like a mad man.

I can't help but watch his
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