Lights and bright colors flow into view as my eyelids flutter open to reveal a familiar face.

"Krystal, my dear friend. I am so happy you are okay," Zalu says as she smiles down at me.

I smile at her, and the lack of pain in my jaw surprises me until I realize I am in the same room I came to cure my incurable cancer.

"Where's Burk? Is he okay," I ask, and she nods while helping me into a sitting position.

"He is still on Gafrop. Garlof was able to transport his entire battle group onto the planet, which created access for the entire allied force. The Gafrops are forfeiting as we speak. The Jahns and Muysocks have cut ties with them. Burk brought you to me a few minutes ago. He made sure I could heal you and then went back. He is making sure his men leave the planet unscathed. I, of course, healed your body. You will be fine now," Zalu explains, and I nod as relief flows through me.

"Was the allied force unable to land on that planet before," I ask after a few seconds,
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