Moonlight Serenade [English]
Moonlight Serenade [English]
Author: aranew

Chapter 1

The Aisle of Medellin is Cebu's longest straight road. A seven-and-a-half-kilometer highway connecting Dayhagon and Curva in the heart of sugarcane fields owned by the Mangubat since the founding of Medellin until the present day.

The green and glorious field is the crown of Don Sebastian Mangubat and Donya Belinda Sanchez-Mangubat. And their daughter, Jewel Laine, prefers the small nipa hut on the opposite side of the field.

The peaceful atmosphere is something she appreciates about that location. From within the hut, she could see the green sugarcane field and the white road of the Aisle in the distance. But what she enjoys the most is that no one dares to interrupt her reading time.

It's an ideal location for her avid reader. Cool air, birds chirping, a peaceful setting —- "Miss Laine! Miss! Here are the books I've purchased!"

She blinked and raised her head. She'd just finished praising the stillness of the place when a loud maid shouted outside the hut. It felt like someone slapped her in the face. Jewel groaned and stood. 'Never mind the noise,' she reasoned.

She stepped out of the small hut and frowned as she saw Dalya smile as the girl approached her. Dalya was carrying two large bags, which she knew contained Pandayan and NBS books.

"Can't you shout, Dalya?" she grumbled as the maid placed the two large bags in front of her. "And why are you throwing these bags on the ground when you could just bring them with you?"

"But, senorita, Pedro told me that Don and Donya were in the mansion, and if they see me bringing these books there, they'll burn me alive! You know how strict your parents are!"

Did her maid just scold her?

Jewel shook her head and crossed her arms across her chest. "Fine," she said, rolling her eyes. "Place it inside the hut, and where is Pedro?"

Dalya made a pout. "He's waiting for you on the Aisle, Miss."

"All right, he'll be here later. There's a box inside the hut; put these books in it and wrap them safely; someone will fetch you later. Bring the box straight to my room. I'll talk to Mama and Papa to give you enough time to deliver it."

Dalya gave a sheepish grin. "Why are you embarrassed about these books, Miss? Doesn't Donya prefer to see you reading?"

"Dalya," Jewel said, raising her brow and narrowing her eyes at the maid.


"Why do you ask? Do you still want your daily tip in addition to your salary?"

Dalya's eyes glowed. "I'd like a tip from my lovely Miss!" exclaimed the girl. "I was only kidding earlier, Miss. Don't be too serious."

She huffed and stuffed the phone into her pocket. She knelt and crammed the erotica book she had been reading earlier into the bag alongside the newly purchased books. "I'll go. Keep an eye on these. Don't tell anyone what kind of books are inside. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Miss, I won't let you down!"

Jewel wore the summer hat that hung around her waist and the boots that were lying by the hut's door. "Did he bring Francisko?" she inquired, smoothing her waist-length black and wavy hair.

"No, Pedro rented a motorcycle at the Aisle entrance, and he can't bring Francisko into the city."

Her brows furrowed. She finished smoothing her hair and turned to face Dalya. Her pupils constricted. "Do you think I didn't know horses were prohibited in the city?"

"Of course not, Miss. You know Pedro can't bring Francisko, and I'm just reminding you," Dalya smiled.

Jewel's lips twitched as she walked past the maid, who was sweating profusely due to the scorching sun in the sky. "There's a refreshment inside. Wait for Pedro," she said as she marched out into the sun.

She heard Dalya yell, "Be careful, Miss!" but did not return the girl's gaze.

Dalya had been her maid since she was in elementary school. She was used to her maid's attitude, but Dalya couldn't keep her poisonous mouth shut all the time. Many people, including Ramos, had complained about Dalya's domineering demeanor.

The gardener recently expressed his displeasure. In front of the other gardeners, Dalya chastised the poor man. Her maid cursed, and Ramos silently accepted Dalya's hurtful words.

Ramos is unable to harm Dalya because she is a woman and there is a city ordinance prohibiting men from laying their hands on women (hurting women). Nonetheless, Jewel dislikes people who are unable to control themselves.

If Dalya couldn't stop herself from hurting others, her maid might offend people she shouldn't offend in the future. It appeared that she needed to discipline Dalya.

Jewel took a few steps alone in the hot summer sun.

Soon after, she noticed Pedro in the distance. He was conversing with a man wearing a large hemp hat. She could only see the stranger's pointed nose and thin lips. But because the sun was so hot and she was sweating profusely, she put aside her curiosity and focused her attention on Pedro.

She extended her hand to take the motor key from him. Jewel was only concerned with getting home as soon as possible in the hot summer sun.

"But, miss," Pedro sighed and crinkled his nose. "First, we have to pay the fare, which is a thousand for a round trip."

"Huh?" Jewel wrinkled her brow. "Are you serious?" she asked, drawing a breath as Pedro nodded. The hot breeze blew her hair away, and she clutched her summer hat to keep it from flying away. "Who pays a thousand for a trip?"

Peter gestured with his forefinger to the man he had been speaking with earlier.

Jewel turned to face the stranger. The wide smile on the man's lips was the first thing that caught her eye.

"He's the owner of the motor, Senyorita. Two thousand for the entire Aisle trip, but I asked for half the price earlier to deliver the books first to the hut, and you will give the other half because the money you gave me earlier was not enough because the price of books went up," Pedro said, clearing his throat before looking away.

Jewel shifted her gaze between the two men for a few seconds. She eventually fanned herself. "Why beating around the bush when you could just tell me earlier?" she grumbled as she took her purse from her pocket. She handed the stranger a thousand bills and said, "I'll run the motor. You know who I am, right? Just get your motor later at my father's mansion."

The stranger lowered his gaze to Jewel's hand. Pedro cleared his throat and reached for the bill before looking at her. "However, Miss —-"

She raised her brow when it was Pedro who received the bill, but she didn't mind the strange expressions on the men's faces. She took a deep breath. "I'm not going to ride with anyone."

"Don Sebastian will be furious," Pedro worried.

Jewel raised her hand and folded her arms across her chest. She locked her gaze on Pedro. "We wouldn't have had any problems if you had just brought my horse, but Francisko is nowhere to be found, so don't make things difficult."

Pedro scratched his chin and turned to face the stranger. "Let me take you to the end of the aisle," the man who had been silent earlier said to her.

She shook her head. "No," she said, holding out her hand to the man. "Give me the key. Don't worry, I have a student permit here. You won't be harmed if there's a checkpoint ahead."

After a few seconds of silence, the man sighed and took the key from his pocket. She expected him to place the key in her outstretched palm, but he instead took her hand in his. Jewel arched her brow. She could feel the key between the man's palm and hers.

"Let go," she warned. However, the man simply smiled and tightened his grip on her hand, and drew her closer to the massive motor. Her heart beat faster. "Hey!" she exclaimed, but the man's grip was firm.

Was this the kind of yandere man she'd read about in books?

She turned to face Pedro, but all she saw was a sheepish smile on his face. Hah! Aren't Dalya and Pedro a good match? What's the matter with her servants? If someone tried to kidnap her, would they just smile sheepishly?

Her expression darkened. "Pedro!" she yelled, gritting her teeth. "Just stand there and smile!"

"All right, Miss. Have a safe trip!"

What the heck is happening? He didn't get sarcasm?

Pedro's carelessness irritated Jewel to the point of tears. "Ah! Just wait and see! I'll tell father!" She turned her sharp gaze to the man who was dragging her. "Let go! Don't you know who I am?"

The man grinned. "Everyone recognizes you, Jewel."

"Then let go, because my father will not spare you!"

Gideon approached her. He smiled and lifted her onto the motorcycle without saying anything. Her lips parted. "Hooligan!" she yelled as she attempted to jump off the motorcycle, but the man quickly stopped her.

He chuckled before getting on the motorcycle and did not give her another chance to jump because the engine suddenly revved up. Jewel grabbed his shoulder.

"Sir, let's meet at the mansion!" Peter yelled from behind.


Jewel's pupils constricted. She knew it. Pedro would never allow someone untrustworthy to take her away. But... Who was this man?

She had never met Gideon.

The man's presence was unfamiliar, and so was the perfume he was wearing. So she was certain he wasn't from Medellin. And if the man was from Medellin, he didn't live here because she knew almost all of the son-rich men in town but had never seen the rude man.

On the straight Aisle, the motor picked up speed.

The wind slapped her across the face. A few strands of her hair fluttered freely to the front. Her eyes widened as she realized what was going on. They aren't even wearing helmets!

She raised her hand and placed it on her brow. Her hat was gone, and her face had darkened even more.

The engine came to a complete stop. She screamed as her face nearly collided with the back of Gideon's head. Fortunately, she was able to avoid it in time, and her face instead sank into his shoulder.

"Don't be such a reckless girl, Jewel," he said, grabbing her clinging hands and guiding them around his stomach. He even lightly tapped her hands.

Jewel took a deep breath. It was her first time hugging a stranger, and she shivered in annoyance. She clenched her teeth. "You're a jerk —-"

"Shh," he whispered. Gideon turned on the engine and revved it up. She had no choice but to wrap her arms around the man.

"Prevention is better than cure. Have you heard of that saying, Jewel?" he asked gently, but it appeared to her that he was mocking her for her ignorance.


She considered pushing this man aside and taking over the engine. Who cared if this conceited jerk fell on the Aisle's dusty road?

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