Chapter 5B

Jewel sat bored in her seat, as the three of them laughed. Gideon remained silent as he sipped his cup and occasionally glanced at her.

"Let it go, Sebastian. At the next wedding, I will delegate all decisions to your family," the Mayor said. "Have your questions been answered? I can't stay long because there's still work to be done in the municipality, but I'd like to speak with you two privately."

Donya Belinda faced her. "Jewel, you'll take care of Gideon. We'll just talk to your prospective father - in - law," she explained.

The three stood up and exited the dining hall at the same time. Jewel sighed and leaned back in her chair, relieved. She shut her eyes. She appeared to have lost her cool after hearing what the Mayor and her parents had said. Her head ached as she considered the marriage contract she would sign the next day.

But what could she possibly do? She lacked the courage to stand up to a Mayor and chastise her parents. She was certain that if those three discovered her
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