Chapter two: first shift

"Alright, this is the tablet you'll use to record everything you find on him. Even the smallest of details must be written down. Then at the end of each week, we'll come check on you and see his behavior. Make sure that you send us all of your findings as soon as possible." Damien said, handing me one of the tablets he was holding.

He kept the second one, which I'm assuming was meant for Sharlene, and tucked it under his arm.

The rules were all explained to me. It was not much and most of them were something I've already heard. I wasn't allowed to say anything to anyone, now that included Sharlene. Each week, Damien would take one day and help me around with the research and at any random moment, the government would burst through those doors to see if there's been any new information.

"You must always be ready with information because they will kick you off the case if there's no new development." Damien explained, his light blue eyes staring me from head to toe.

Another thing was that I should always be careful when around him. During my time with him, there will be nobody allowed in the lab with me so whenever I do observations that require me touching him, I have to make sure that I'm careful.

"Never release him unless the glass wall is down. The glass is thick and should be able to protect you if he tried to break it. If you need to touch him, make sure he's chained up."

I was given a second remote, this one had only one grey button. It controlled his chains. If I pressed it, he gets released and if I press it again, the chains tie him up.

"What if he doesn't step inside the chains? How will I lock him in?" I asked, looking at the remote. Damien placed his rough textured hand on my cheek and I looked up at him, waiting for his answer.

He looked at me lustfully, making me feel some familiar feeling in my lower abdomen. "The chains are connected to a motion sensor. As long as he's behind that wall, the chains can get to him and tie him up. I don't know the science behind that, it's some government secret." He explained, his voice softening.

He looked at my lips, making me lick them. I could feel the lust he had towards me. It didn't help that we were alone in the lab.

Sharlene had been asked to hand over her key card and had to be escorted out. Mr Hughes followed her along with his guards, leaving Damien to explain everything to me. But it seemed to me that he wanted to do more than just explain.

"Just ten minutes, baby. That's all I need to make you feel good." He whispered, reaching for the buttons of my lab coat. I quickly stepped away, shaking my head.

"Not here, not now." I breathed out, shaking my head. There could be camera here for all I knew, and I'm not losing my job over a quicky.

"You never have time for us anymore." He said. He was frustrated, and I honestly was too.

"That's because there is no 'us'. You are getting married in a month." I reminded him. He rolled his eyes when I mentioned it, just like how he always did. I regret the day I lost myself and slept with him. I regret doing it over and over again, knowing well that he was in a relationship.

It was a mistake, a big one. We were both upset. He had gotten into an argument with his fiancé and I had just been catfished by someone who promised to give me the whole world. Damien and I vented out to each other, got comfort from each other but we made a mistake that night. We slept together.

It didn't stop there. Every single chance we got, it happened. His office, my lab, the bathroom, the elevator, the hallway, everywhere.

But it was wrong, and I couldn't do it anymore.

I ended it with him a while back, whatever you called our fling, and he accepted it. But now, it's like he's thrown all of that away and he wants me again.

"You need to leave. I have work to do and you still need to wrap things up with Mr Hughes." I said, turning to look at the metal wall. I hope he can't hear this. It would cause big problems for me if he had something against me on my first day.

Damien ran a hand through his black hair and sighed, his chest heaving up and down at a crazy speed. He looked back at me, the lust still swirling in his eyes. He looked desperate too, like I was the cure to the ache in his heart and groin. I knew I was the cure, but I refused to give him what he wanted.

"Fine," he eventually said, still roughly tugging at his hair. "I'll be back later tonight to see you." He said, nodding his head at me.

"No, you will not. I refuse." I said, scrunching my brows.

He frowned at me and clenched his fists, "Fine, fuck you then." He growled, stomping out.

"Mind your language," I called out behind him as the doors closed. I was then left alone in my lab with shock written on my features. Did he really just swear at me? With a sigh, I turned to my desk and picked up the other remote. I still had work to do, and my shift would not be over for another four hours. I should use this time to see him and introduce myself.

I hope he'll cooperate with me. Although, I've heard of the many women he's allegedly molested and killed so I did not have my hopes too high.

I pointed the remote to the metal wall and pressed the blue button. A loud beep could be heard as the wall slowly and quietly slid open. It slid upwards, making the first thing I saw be thick black chains and two feet on the floor. Are you kidding me? It's freezing in here and he's barefooted. Are they trying to kill him with pneumonia before I get to conduct any research?

The rest of the wall disappeared into the ceiling, giving me a full view of him.

"There he is..." I whispered, my eyes widening at the sight before me.

He's... He's beautiful.

Although I couldn't see his face, his body told me everything I needed to know. I don't know what I expected to see when I got here but it definitely wasn't this. The first thing that caught my attention was his hair. His hair looked so silky in its loose curls. It was yinmin blue, a rare type of blue that I've only seen in mixed up chemicals.

I'll have to get samples of that.

His skin was tanned and it seemed to have a sparkle to it. It was like a little girl had sprinkled silver glitter on it. He was only wearing black sweatpants, no shirt covering his toned upper body. He looked like he had been training his whole life, with eight solid abs and biceps that weren't too big but were definitely obvious.

His arms and hands had series of veins traveling on them, making me think about Damien's veiny hands. With a shake of my head, I set my thoughts straight and continued observing him. I couldn't see his face, as his head was drooped down. He was tied to a chair, only his hands and legs were chained up though.

He didn't make a single movement, he didn't even seem to be breathing. His chest and back were not heaving up or down to show that he was breathing. This made me sort of panic. Was he supposed to be lying so still? Didn't he need to breath like a normal human does?

I stepped closer to the glass wall and knocked on it, trying to get him to give me any reaction. Maybe a flick of his finger or toe? Anything to show that he was still alive. To my dismay, he didn't respond.

"Oh gosh, he's not responding." I knocked louder, the sound surprising me and echoing throughout the lab, making me cringe away. He had to have heard that. The walls were not soundproof. Damien would have told me if they were. Besides, we all heard him screech.

Please don't tell me...

"I have to go in there, don't I?" I asked into nothing. The silence I received from that question made me nod slowly. I have to go in there. That's fine though! This is what I signed up for! This is what I wanted!

Should've just stuck to dissecting rats.

"No, I deserve this case." I told my negative thoughts. "I deserve everything I've gotten and I'm going to prove all my doubters wrong and do this. I will be successful and this guy will respect me as his supervisor... If he's still alive."

After the horrible peptalk I gave myself, I looked back down at the remote and pressed the red button. With no warning, the glass wall slid downwards, my eyes watching him like a hawk just in case he decided he's alive now and wants to escape.

He still didn't move.

I put the remote into my pocket and picked up my tablet, making my way to him. I quickly switched it on and logged in while stopping in front of him. It was then I noticed just how tall this guy must be. His head, even while it was drooped down, still reached my chest. I guessed that he is around six foot six. I'd like to think I'm pretty short. Just five foot three.

I circled around him, wanting to see his back. I expected a bunch of tattoos or just scars but I came face to face with more flawless, sparkly skin. Looking closer now, it does look like it has glitter, but what could've caused that? I typed that down in my tablet. I just hoped that they would not want me collecting samples of his skin.

I stood in front of him again, my eyes now glued on his blue hair. Now would be a great time to take a sample. While he's completely still and unaware of my presence. I lifted my hand up and gently felt it. I was right, it was just as silky as it had looked. It was incredibly smooth and soft and although it was curled up, it didn't have any tangles. His hair had to be around seventeen centimeters long. Unfortunately I didn't bring a scissors or ruler so I couldn't take a sample or measure it.

I wonder what his scalp looks like...

Gently, I used my thumb and index finger to spread his hair apart so I could see what the roots of his hair looked like. To my surprise, I caught a glimpse of white towards the root, making me push further in excitement.

I must have forgotten that this was someone's head because as my fingers kept rubbing and scratching his head, he seemed to grow more aware and irritated of me being there and what made me jump back, was an incredibly animalistic growl coming from him.

I quickly moved back and my breath hitched when my brown eyes met with steel grey ones.

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