Chapter three: thoughts

Steel grey eyes stared back at me, the only thing that filled them was death and what looked like malicious intent. It seemed like I had interrupted his sleep, or maybe this whole time he had been trying to ignore me and my proding on his hair killed the last bit of his patience. I couldn't tell which was which, I was too shocked and he looked like he was ready to rip my guts out of my body.

He had a wild look in his eyes, like he was thinking of every painful thing he'd like to do to me. How could such beautiful, unique eyes look so feral? I noticed that his grey eyes had tiny red specks in them. Now that is a colour combination I have never seen before. I forgot all about the shock I had just felt and quickly jotted that down in the tablet, making him growl again.

I looked back up at him and he gave me a shocked look. Now he was the surprised one, but why? I never threatened to degut him with my eyes. He growled again, resembling a lion. Oh, I see now. He's trying to scare me. I also jotted that down, which made him surprise me even more.

He sighed in what sounded like defeat.

Really? Three growls and he's done? That's the most dangerous man in the world?

"Maybe they have the wrong guy." I mumbled, pursing my lips together. I looked back up at him, my brows raising when I saw his offended look.

"What?" I asked him, placing a hand on my hip. He rolled his eyes and slumped back on the metal chair, his eyes stuck on the ceiling.

This isn't a good start. If he does that then he may not cooperate with me. I need to get his attention again. "Uh hello..." I said, trying to think of something else to say.

"I'm Akielia Rutherford, your assigned scientist and caretaker." Introducing myself was a good start. Maybe he'll also tell me his name and I won't have to keep calling him by his pronouns. "What's your name?" I asked him with a smile.

He ignored me and instead closed his eyes. He shuffled around the chair, the chains clinking against each other as he did that. They looked heavy and he looked uncomfortable. How long has he had to sit there? His back must be killing him.

"Would you like me to arrange a bed for you?" I asked him, slowly moving closer to him. He didn't answer.

I guess he's fine...

"How about some clothes? Would you like that?" I asked again. This time, he lifted his head up and looked at me. That's all he did. After a few seconds, he threw his head back again, continuing to look at the black painted ceiling. I wonder why it was black on his side. Perhaps he did not like the light?

Maybe I've done enough research for my first day. I'm pretty hungry too. With a soft goodbye to him, I turned and stepped out of his area, making sure that the glass and metal walls were closed. After that I sat down for a while and rewrote all that I've discovered for today. About his blue hair having white roots towards his scalp. It could just be hairdye wearing off though, but then that would mean that his hair is white.

I wrote about his eyes being red and grey and I wrote about his lion-like growls, along with the screech he gave earlier today. Although, lions can't screech like that. I don't know what animal does. After writing everything I needed to write. I saved the file and turned off the tablet, deciding to call it a day. I only had two hours until my shift was over anyways. I'm sure no one would have minded.

I grabbed my stuff and headed out, not before switching the lights off and making sure that everything was locked.

I walked down the empty hallway with two thoughts in my mind: Avoid Damien at all costs and get some food urgently.

I made it to the lunch hall and sighed in relief. I caught a whiff of all the delicious foods and pastries being served and my stomach growled loudly. I ordered lunch and went to sit down next to Mica, who was munching on a pie. "Hey, Akie." He greeted, wiping gravy from his cheek with a paper towel. I waved at him and unwrapped my spicy chicken sandwich, taking a quick bite out of it. My eyes rolled back at the taste of the tangy hot sauce I've grown to love so much. They served the best sandwiches.

"How was your shift? Did you make any progress with him?" Mica asked curiously. I nodded, chewing my food and swallowing before I spoke.

"Unfortunately I can't tell you, but I was able to see a bit of his physical features. His face has to be the most interesting part so far."

It had to be the most beautiful part too.

He was frowning most of the time but besides his hair and eyes, he really did have a handsome face. His eyebrows were perfectly shaped, his nose and lips were perfectly proportioned to his face. His lips were slightly pink and he had no facial hair. While he was busy growling, I got a glimpse of his perfectly white teeth.

Although, his canines looked a bit too big for my liking.

Maybe I didn't see it right.

"That's good, and if you need any help. I'm your guy." Mica said. His shifts are usually early in the morning anyways so he had a lot of free time. He was usually just here because he wanted to spend time with Sharlene. I know he has a crush on her.

Where is she anyways?

"Where's Shar?" I asked Miracle. He looked towards the entrance of the lunch hall. "I think she is still working."

"I hope she's not too upset about being kicked out." I mumbled. I still don't know what got into her when she grabbed Mr Hughes hand and forcefully shaked it. It's like she was asking to be fired.

"Upset?" Mica must've heard my mumbling. "She's over the moon. She was so scared of working with that thing that she purposely got herself kicked off the case."

"She what!?" I shouted in question, getting the attention of the rest of the people in the cafeteria.

No ways, how could she?

"Please don't be angry that she did that. She just did not want to hurt your feelings by saying it so she decided to just get kicked out. You know she'd never hurt your feelings."

"That's exactly why I'm angry! I knew that she was scared but I just thought that it was first day jitters. I had no idea she did not want to do the whole case! Why didn't she tell me the truth?" I asked with widened eyes, forgetting all about my delicious chicken sandwich. Mica shrugged, making me slump back on my chair.

I feel like a bad friend now.

"You think that's why she didn't come to lunch? Maybe she doesn't want to face me?" I asked Mica, hoping that he would say no and that she's just very busy. His silence told me otherwise.

I knew that I was this dominant beast of a woman sometimes but I never thought it would go far to the point where my own friend is afraid to tell me when she doesn't wish to do something with me. I mean, I've never done anything to make her think that I control any part of her life so why would she act like this then?

"I think I should go home." I said, staring at the windows outside. It was getting dark because of the thick grey clouds that started blanketing the sky. It was going to rain badly by the looks of it. I packed my sandwich up and put it inside my bag. Before I stood up, I remembered something.

"Hey, Mica. Do you think that maybe we could get some clothes and a bed for him? I don't think he would want communicate with me in that uncomfortable position." I asked him. Mica was a scientist just like everyone but he was also the guy to go to if you ever needed any supplies. He smiled and nodded, "I'll get it done tonight. See you tomorrow."


I left the laboratory and made my way to the parking lot, where my car was parked. When I saw my black SUV, I hurried over to it and unlocked it, jumping inside. I started the engine and slowly reversed out of the parking lot. I stopped to let a red BMW drive pass first. From the mirror I could see the blonde woman wave a thank you to me.

That was Damien's fiancé.

I started feeling bad all over again. I can't imagine as a woman, having to be with a man that cheats on you with his co-worker and comes home and promises to marry you and treats you like his queen.

He treated me like a queen too.

Except that he never promised to marry me like he did her.

Maybe that's all I was to him. Maybe I was just something to use for pleasure and then after that, I'll be left alone while he goes back to the woman he really loves, or claims to love.

"Asshole." I breathed out, thinking about Damien. His hands running over my thighs. His hands kneading my breasts like dough. His deep breaths, his moans of pleasure, his grunts whenever he reached his clima—


"Shoot!" I hissed, quickly pulling out of the parking space. There was a car that had been waiting for me to get out for a while now. I switched my lights on and off as an apology and sped out of there, my cheeks burning in embarrassment. God, I can't still be thinking about him even now. He's getting married soon.

I don't even have feelings for him... It's the things he did to me that I can't seem to get out of my head.

Get your head straight, Akielia!

I focused on the road instead, counting the number of turns I took as a distraction. And soon I started counting the amount or raindrops that were falling on my windshield. I lost track of them so I stopped and after a while, I thankfully forgot about him.

I didn't live far from my work place so I got home pretty soon. I lived in a three bedroom, two story house by myself. It was a beautiful house and I'm proud of myself for being the owner. I parked in the garage and stepped outside, running to the front door to get away from the rain.

When I got inside, I did my normal routine. I made dinner and took a hot bath while it was getting ready. I wore my comfy pajamas and got the food, watched the news and then some series and movies. After that I relaxed for a while and finished my sandwich from work. When nine o'clock came, I went upstairs and got ready for bed.

I climbed inside and closed my eyes, waiting to fall into a deep slumber. I thought I heard the sound of glass crashing downstairs, but before I could go check, I fell right asleep.

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