Chapter six: camera footage

I got to my house and tossed my purse on my couch, eager to clean the place before I continued with my normal routine. I headed straight to the kitchen first, thinking to myself if I should get rid of the glass in my indoor bin or the trashcan outside?

This thoughts soon evaporated into the air when I looked right where I had last left the shards, my eyes landing on an empty table. No paper, no shards, just table.

That's definitely weird.

I looked at the floor, thinking that maybe it must have fallen again. I must be on another level of clumsy if that's what happened, or gravity must be against me. To my confusion and shock, I found my floor spotless. There was nothing. It's like someone had just cleaned it up for me but that doesn't make any sense. I don't have any maid, I don't speak to my neighbors and my family doesn't even care about me.

Even if all of those situations were different, no one but me has access to my house.

Or maybe that's what I thought.

As I did in the morning
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