Chapter nine: anger

"You're crazy."

"There is no way I'm going to your house."

"No ways, you've lost your mind."

Those are the words that I kept repeating to Damien, who was still trying to persuade me to go spend a few nights in his house. I'll do that in his dreams, not anywhere else. I'm not going to sleep under the same roof as his fiancé. Imagine how guilty I'd feel with her being nice to me, knowing that I've been sleeping with Damien.

I refuse to put her and myself in such an awkward position.

"She is fine with it, I promise. I just want to make sure that you're safe." He pleaded with me, his hands wrapping around my wrists. He shook them as he spoke, making my whole body rock back and forth awkwardly. "Can I not look after my coworker? My friend?" He said, the word friend feeling like ice cold water has been splashed on my back.

Well, shoot.

That hurt more than I would've liked it to. Looks like he's decided to focus on his relationship after all. I smiled and nodded, not knowing what I was noddi
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