Chapter thirteen: guilty

"Coming!" A woman called out when I knocked. I shoved my hands back into my pockets, feeling cold. The rain had wet me while I was outside, so much that I was shaking a little bit. My clothes were partially soaked, making me want to rip them off my body.

The door was yanked open and a woman that was about the same height as me faced me. She had blonde hair that was tied up into a messy bun and had a blue scrunchie around it. She was wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans, a white apron tied up from around her neck. She was wearing brown slippers, the colour being the same dark brown her small eyes had.

"You must be Akielia. I thought you weren't coming anymore." She said with a tone I could not understand. It certainly was not happy or excited. I nodded, "I was working. Sorry for the wait."

I waited for her to tell me to come inside but she just turned on her heels and walked away. I shrugged and picked up my suitcase, following her. Entering, I could smell a lot of things at once. Ther
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