Chapter sixteen: a bunch of questions

Sarah's dead

Quick steps with no stop...

Sarah's dead

Ignoring anyone who spoke to me or called my name...

She's dead, human

Heading to one place only, to get the answers to my many questions...

She's dead...

I scanned my card and stepped inside the laboratory, making my way to my desk. I had gotten discharged from the hospital and had gotten away with lying to the police, thanks to Sei. The sun was setting, the sky a mix of purple and orange. I could not see the sunset from my lab because it had no windows but I had seen it as I drove to the building.

I couldn't ignore this anymore, I had to ask Sei what was going on.

That's if he was still even here, he did say that he was planning to escape today.

I picked up the grey remote and pressed the two buttons, lifting up both the walls. I wanted him to explain himself, with no glass wall separating us. I wanted to hear everything coming from his mouth.

The walls slowly slid up and down, this time it felt like they were taking forever to
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