Chapter nineteen: the family

After I took a bath and dressed up, I let Silas lead me to his family. I had worn a long green floral dress and black high heels. I tied my black hair back into a low ponytail and wore a small rose gold chain I found on the dressing table. I wore no make up since it was pretty early into the day.

I looked around the mansion as we made our way to our destination. It was a beautiful place, resembling what I've always imagined a palace would look like on the interior. The main colours were rose gold and white, making the place look all the more majestic.

We walked down a flight of spiral stairs and that was when I could hear a group of people laughing. Silas held my hand and led me to tall double doors, where the sound was coming from. My heart started beating loudly. I was really nervous about meeting their family, their parents especially. I was his and Sei's soulmate and as much as the concept still confused me, I just knew that it had to be a big deal for them.

I took a deep breath a
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