Chapter twenty: cherry pie

Sei led me to the opposite direction of the room I had woken up in. I was curious to know where he was taking me but I was more focused on what happened back there with his family. I looked up at him, seeing that his sharp jaw was clenched. I hadn't even noticed that he looked angry until now.

"What's wrong?" I asked him softly. He looked down at me and unclenched his jaw, lifting my hand up to kiss my knuckles. He didn't say anything but that wasn't a surprise to me. Sei didn't say much compared to Silas. Perhaps he was finding it difficult to word out his feelings in a way for me to understand.

"It's not that at all." Silas grumbled behind me. I whipped around to look at him, shocked that I had not heard him following behind us. "He doesn't know English. He's still taking lessons."

I looked back at Sei with raised eyebrows. He told me that he knew English back at the lab. He cleared his throat softly, looking anywhere but at me, embarrassed that he had gotten caught. 'Sei wanted to
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I hope there is an update soon. I am loving this book

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