Chapter twenty one: history pt.1

"Why are you crying, cherry pie?"

I quickly spun on my heel to see the source of the deep voice that had spoken behind me. I looked at him with widened eyes, my heart hammering loudly in my chest. He stood there with a small smirk on his pink small lips, the side of his body pressed against the door frame. I briefly glanced at his tall and lean frame. He looked much bigger than he had looked during breakfast.

"Hello, Alexander." I greeted him softly, lifting my hand up to wipe the tears that were now drying on my warm cheeks. The vampire stared at me from head to toe, his ghost of a smirk still gracing his pale yet very attractive face. I've always heard the theory that vampires are incredibly sexy, but seeing one live made me realize that they aren't just sexy.

They are more than sexy.

"You still remember my name. I'm flattered." He mumbled, his smirk turning into a sweet smile.

"Why would I forget it? It's not that hard to remember." I said to him, looking away from him. His glowi
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I do hope there’s a new chapter soon

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