Chapter twenty four: distribution

When I got back to Sei's bedroom, all I wanted to do was sleep and wake up with all of this being just some really bad dream. I sat at the edge of the bed and slipped off the high heels. After throwing them somewhere on the floor, I took off the chain and my dress, standing in only black lace panties and a bra. I crawled onto the bed and collapsed on the soft material, closing my eyes.

Now to just slee—

The door barged open before I could even finish that thought. I was way too tired to even get up, so I laid still and kept my eyes closed.

Two pairs of feet walked inside, one faster than the other. The door was closed before one of them took a deep breath. You could hear all of his frustration from that one sigh.

"Sorted everything out?" Sei asked softly.

"Yeah, it's done. The other species are a real hassle. They want this king before the end of the week." Silas grumbled, the sound of unzipping following. I was planning to tell them that I was awake but since they were speaking of t
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