Chapter twenty seven: late

After dinner, Sei and I excused ourselves and went to speak. For the first time since I got here, we went outside.

The area we went in was pretty isolated, which was good, and it looked absolutely beautiful. The moon here was brighter than I've ever seen, shining over the land and lighting everything up. We walked into a garden-like area that had a pond and beautiful red roses. There was a bench in front of the pond, where we went to sit.

Sei looked inside the pond, as if checking for something. When he saw that it was empty, he turned to look at me. He was honestly so beautiful, his pale glittery skin sparkling under the moonlight. His hair was gently swaying in the cool breeze. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He seemed to really be at peace here.

When I realized that he wasn't going to say anything, I opened my mouth to speak, "Sei, I just wanted to apologize for hurting your feelings earlier today. I did not mean to make you feel like I cared for Damien more than you. I c
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