Chapter thirty two: smell

I watched with slightly parted lips as Shiloh, Silas' hybrid, stomped to Venandi. When Venandi saw Shiloh, it stopped it's loud growls and heavy panting, seeming to be communicating with it's twin.

I held my breath, hoping that Silas would be able to get through to him.

The two hybrids spoke for a little longer, making the surrounding demons calm down. The tall blonde one that had spoken earlier relaxed and lowered his weapon, his hard gaze softening. He finally turned away from the two, stopping in his tracks when his eyes met mine.

Oh no...

His hot pink eyes scanned me from head to toe, slowly, as if he wanted me to see that he was staring. His eyes stopped at my feet momentarily, snapping back to my eyes afterwards. He squinted his eyes, sniffing the air around me. His face then scrunched up in confusion.

"What do we have here?" He asked himself, walking towards me. I looked back at the twins. Sei seemed to have calmed down but they were still busy talking, completely unaware of t
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