Chapter thirty three: Kaiser

"My goodness, you really do smell like Alexander. The twins had every reason to leave." The blonde demon ranted. He's been talking for a whole ten minutes, I felt like my ears were going to quit on me anytime soon. I was slumped on the bed and he was seated on the armchair across the bedroom, lazily flipping through the pages of a fitness magazine.

"You're very different from our usual pets. Alexander doesn't randomly feed on any human." He mumbled, his eyes slightly darkening. "Or are you here for another reason?"

I turned my head to his direction, staring at his eyes as they turned a light purple. It was an impressive trick but it made me curious to know what he was doing. A change in eye colour in demons mean they are using one of their many powers. I wonder what purple does.

Unable to contain my overflowing curiosity, I just had to ask. "What are you doing?"

He kept his eyes on the magazine, not answering my question. I pursed my lips, still staring at him. I knew he was not answer
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