Chapter Six-Luther

My wolf's chuckle vibrated deep inside of me, pushing me further onto the line that separated my irrational and rational thoughts. This was my club—I was the owner—and cornering a woman in the privacy of the women's bathroom wasn't rational.

No—and neither was the thoughts my wolf forced fed my mind at the moment. That smug look on her face, the shape of that dress, and the ungodly way her dancing with another man made me feel, all crashed down on me at once, snapping my ability to stop myself.

Now I was in trouble. I'd locked the bathroom door, barricading myself in a small space with the woman I'm destined to spend my life with. Even if I didn't want her—I wanted her.

"Blaire. Blaire. Blaire. You're going to be a problem aren't you?"

The pulse in Blaire's neck throbbed to a quick beat, showcasing her nerves when they didn't show on her face.

"I don't see a problem," she said nonchalantly. "If you ignore the fact that you're in the girl's bathroom that is."

I stood a foot in fr
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Kimi Hernandez
I love her. So great to have a main female character who isn’t some meek shy thing.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sara Marie
I love Luther’s wolf, he is so funny! ...
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Crystal Johnson
Lmao I love Axel

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