Chapter Seven-Blaire

I slid into the booth at the bakery across the street, and sipped my iced coffee. It'd been a long week with Luther, and his agonizing stare. For someone that thought our kiss was a mistake, he sure got riled up over nothing.

His temper tiptoed on the border of obsessive, in fact, his entire personality screamed possessive and … alpha. I knew he was in charge, and probably didn't enjoy my smart mouth, or my sarcasm, but he did care about what I did and I wasn't entirely sure on why?

It went beyond my position as his assistant. He wanted to control me, and my life, and it screamed controlling older boyfriend, but … I felt it was for a different reason, I just didn't know why yet.

I sucked to the bottom of my coffee, and peeled the paper off my cupcake, taking a big unladylike bite of it.

After our kiss, that was a completely different story in itself, because I'd never been kissed like that before. Every fiber in my body yearned for him after he stormed out of the bathroom, like my
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Kimi Hernandez
She really keeps him on his toes.

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