Chapter Eight-Luther

Scotch had become my best friend, ever since Blaire stumbled into my office that day. I'd been on an emotional roller coaster from the moment I met my mate. I knew having a mate wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.

That's why I went thirty plus years without looking for her.

She was infuriating.

Her dark hair tempted me from the opposite side of the plane where she doodled on a notepad, and hummed along to some song in her head. I loved the length, and how the soft waves cascaded down her shoulder, while she bit her lip.

I replayed her kiss in my mind so many times it felt permanently engrained in my brain waves. I tossed back the rest of the amber liquor in my glass, the ice rattling as I sat it down in my cup holder, and leaned back to cradle my head.

It had been a mistake to ask Blaire to come, I knew better, but when she tried to force Stephanie on me, I couldn't help but to counteract. That was my problem. I was the alpha, and I hated her disobedience.

I loathed it. My wolf
Brittany Carter

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Lena Glad
This is a really good story
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Cheryl Williams
I'm loving it so far ...
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loving it ...

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