Chapter Nine-Blaire

The look on Luther's face when I told him about my dream scared me. It wasn't what I expected. As an adult, you assume a nightmare wouldn't scare another adult, but this one turned his face ashen.

His wide shoulders tensed, and his blue eyes turned that dark color I'd noticed in his office. "He stood on two legs?" he asked.

I swiped the sweat that had gathered from my hairline with the back of my hand. "Yeah, I know it's weird. I need to get me a glass of water. I'll be right—,"Luther stood up. "I'll get it."

He marched over toward the mini-fridge and snagged a bottle. "Here," he said, sitting back down. I noticed that he didn't have a shirt on, and my cheeks burned hot at the sight. He looked even sexier being that it was night, and his eyes were hooded from sleep. "What else happened in the dream?"

I unscrewed the cap and stared at him. He seemed very interested in my dream. I sucked down half the bottle and sat it on the night stand. "I don't know, Luther, it's just a dream. Don
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Freaking loved that

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