Chapter Eleven-Blaire

Alicia: Where did you go? Come back and drink with me? Both of the guys left. No one wants to have fun tonight.

I shoved my phone back into the depths of my pocket, and ignored Alicia's rant. I loved the girl, but there was more to life than drinking and partying every weekend. I'd spent my afternoon paying my landlord back rent, and eating Ben and Jerry's while being depressed that over half of my check was gone.

At least I had somewhere to be depressed.

Then Alicia showed up with Jory, and Axel to make matters worse. I told her I wasn't in the mood, but being Alicia, she persuaded me to let them in for a while. Which made me uncomfortable. The way Axel stared at me made my spine stiffen, and I was a laidback person. If someone made me uncomfortable, they were freaking weird.

What were the chances of Jory hitting it off with Alicia of all people, and Axel tagging along? It was conspicuous, and I had no one to call but Luther, who showed up within minutes with his fury in tow.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Good lol I’m so happy
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Precy Dineros Lacsa-Estanislao
I like the way Luther or his being a wolf controls his worldly desires…
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Veronica Astle
That was quick?

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