Chapter Twelve-Luther

"Control yourself," I hissed to my wolf.

He'd become nearly incontrollable when Blaire followed me into my bedroom. The simple scent of her skin had me undone. I'd told her the truth, because I knew she wouldn't move across the hallway if I didn't.

Besides pissing herself, she took it—okay-ish. I wasn't sure if this was a façade yet, and she waited for me to turn my head so she could run for it.

She knew she wouldn't make it far.

Blaire stopped at the bathroom door, her gaze transfixed on my lavish bathroom with the overhanging showerhead and expensive granite countertops.

I slipped up behind her, skimming my hot mouth against the smooth path of her neck. "I never knew a mate would make me feel like this?"

Blaire chuckled, clutching the granite countertop in front of her, our gazes locked in the mirror. "You didn't look for me?"

I didn't want to put my foot in my mouth, but she deserved the truth. I gripped her hips, and lifted her to the cabinet. "Honestly, no. I didn't want a
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Phyllis Neel
I am loving Blaire's sass. The flow of your story is outstanding so far, but I'm devouring it! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

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