Chapter Thirteen-Blaire

By the look on Luther's face, I figured it would be bad. His shoulders tensed, and his grip tightened around my wrist.

"Stay by me," he hissed.

I gave him an are you okay look before stepping out of the car. The ranch style house was beautiful, with a wraparound porch, overflowing ferns, and magnolia trees in the yard.

Who I assumed was his mother, met him halfway, her smile reached her blue eyes, and her graying hair was pulled into a stylish bun.

"Darling, I'm so glad to see you," she said, pinching his cheeks as if he wasn't this powerful alpha of their pack.

I loved it.

Her steely gaze shifted to mine, and her smile brightened. "I'm so sorry that I'm not more prepared for your arrival. Luther didn't tell me that you were coming," she said, giving him an eye roll. "What's your name, Lovely?"

"I'm Blaire Summers. It's nice to meet you …"

"I'm Barbara—you can call me Barbie. I'm so thrilled Luther has found his mate," he gaze dropped to my neck. "I see you haven't been marked
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