Chapter Fourteen-Luther

My body hummed with adrenaline, my wolf paced back and forth in anticipation of beating the hell out of Marcus. We'd never been close growing up. When I was deemed the next Alpha of our pack, Marcus grew cold and distant.

When I walked into the room, I'd feel his gaze on me, haunting and pissed as if I purposefully took the position out from underneath him.

The smug look on his face as I jacked him up, sent shivers up my spine due to the lack of emotion in his eyes. The fact he brought Emily here was a definite stab in the back. I didn't dare look over at her, because it'd be too much to handle. I never meant for it to happen. We were just kids. Still figuring out our strength and our abilities. But Marcus didn't see it that way.

To him, I was a killer. The reason his mate died.

"Boys!" Momma said. "You two knock it off right now. We're trying to have a nice dinner."

Marcus put his palms up in surrender, his shirt still bunched in my grasp. "You're right, Momma. I think Luther shoul
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