Chapter Thirty-Eight-Luther

"Could you be any louder?" I asked over my shoulder to Axel. He crunched on every leaf in the woods surrounding the lycan kingdom.

"Am I not being stealthy enough for you, Luther?" he asked in a sarcastic voice. "I'm so very sorry. I'm only sticking my neck out for you … again. Excuse me—,"

"You both shut up," Marcus hissed, crouching down suddenly. The lights of the kingdom were near, and I wasn't sure sending Axel up to the door was a good idea or not. We used a small storage shed on the outskirts of the property as coverage.

"There are lycans guarding the front door." Marcus looked over. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Luther?"

"No," I said honestly. "But they will be more willing to help another lycan than some wolves."

Axel nodded. "I've got this taken care of. I'm personable, and everyone loves me."

Marcus rolled his eyes, while I fought the same urge to strangle him. "Okay."

Axel stood up and walked out into the clearing of the driveway leading up to the gate. The tw
Brittany Carter

How are you guys liking it? I plan to finish off this in the next few chapters, and start the second installment! It's going to be based a new couple. I need your opinions. Would you rather me write Marcus and his mate's story next, or Axel and Selene? And then I plan to write Alicia's story that I'm building at the moment! :) Tell me what you want to see after I finished this one! :)

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Awesome book. I’m enjoying every chapter.
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Debbie Cartwright-Henfield
Marcus & his Mate
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Cindy Griffin
I need ALL of them! Completed. At once -- tomorrow...Including Heather and Scotty. ... ;-)

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