Alpha Connor sat on his king chair, his blue eyes focused on nothing.

he is very masculine, handsome, scary yet, he commands attention with his confidence and magnetism.

He looks domineering with a scowl on his face.

Alpha Connor's giant ego made him look like the king he is. He is fierce and very aggressive when need be.

He might loathe the Omegas so much but that doesn't stop him from being a good leader, he is the type of king every pack wishes to have and envy.

What he went through in the hands of the Omegas can never surpass his hatred for them.

Revenge! That's the only thing the Alpha king wants from the Omegas.

Nothing can ever stop him from being wrathful towards them.

They are all the same, full of lies and deceit.

The full moon is tomorrow and he can't wait to satisfy his hunger.

He is long over due for sex. His cougar wagged it's tail excitedly. Excited that they will feed from the Omegas that tortured it.

His rouge roared in his head.

Alpha Connor let out a sinister laugh, his eyes darkened with desire burning through them.

He plans on drawing so much pleasure from the female Omegas tomorrow and at the end of it, he will make sure they all die by his hands.

Years back, he ran away from those species of wolves, he hasn't forgotten his supposed pack and his subjects.

Soon, he will claim his pack back, he will seek revenge. A revenge that will be deadly.

Suddenly, his ears and sense organ became alert, Alpha Connor could hear their scents.

The scents of human! The predators are here.

His blue eyes changed immediately morphing into dark red and just in time, Dolphus came running.

Dolphus is a beta, also, he is the second in command to the Alpha king.

" Alpha king " he bowed in respect. Alpha Connor made no move nor gesture towards acknowledging Dolphus, he is beyond infuriated.

Taking the silence as a cue, Dolphus proceeded to speak.

He looks magnificent just like the Alpha king. It is rumoured that they have the same personality.

Fierce, fearless, fearsome, aggressive and many more qualities they had together.

" The wolf hunters are here again, should we attack?" He asked, his eyes glinting and feeling excited about attacking the humans that kept hunting for them each year.

Alpha Connor stood up looking all enraged.

Even when the wolves are not habitual animals, the humans uses every slightest means they have to kill them either for experiment or they think wolves are harmful.

The Alpha let out a chilling growl. A growl of dissatisfaction.

In reality, wolves are naturally not aggressive toward humans unless they harm them first.

Alpha Connor is never going to allow any of his subjects gets hurts by them.

" I will handle it myself, no one should get involved and get hurt" he said in a dominant voice.

Dolphus nodded his head understanding the clear instruction given, although he felt disappointed.

He won't be able to devour the humans like he pictured it in his head, they could have been his meal for today.

" Yes Alpha king"

Alpha Connor maleficence at that moment made him shifted into his wolf form before taking off to where the wolf hunters are.

His ears erect and his furs bristles.

The wolf hunters were perturbed seeing just a wolf, a very giant wolf running towards them but stopped a few steps away from them while breathing heavily.

His lips curl up and his fangs came in display snarling aggressively.

He crouch backwards ready to pounce on the predators whose weapon were set to attack him.

James smiled, if he had known he'd encounter just a wolf, he wouldn't have flimsily came with ten other men, he alone is enough to kill this wolf no matter how giant it looks.

This wolf will be good for the anatomy he is about starting, it is big enough.

" Attack " he commanded his men.

Soon, different pistols came flying in Alpha Connor's direction.

He widely spread his paws shielding him from any harm while sending some of the pistols back.

His cougar snarled, his rouge became more vicious. Each of them trying to take control.

When the Alpha king is sure that a good number of them are dead, he stride towards the remaining humans.

James eyes widened in dismay, shock replaced his face backing away from the giant wolf approaching them at a high speed.

How can a wolf be this powerful and domineering? All his men were down leaving him with just two more.

Alpha Connor gripped the two human ripping and tearing them apart with his sharp canine.

He shred them into pieces tossing their bodies on the floor.

James stood in horror, perplexed about the horrifying incident that just happened. His legs betrayed him, they were unable to lift themselves up the ground.

Alpha Connor neared him, he didn't bother being very close to him.

He spread his furs forward and lifted him up.

He broke James arms, his ribs cracked, James let out an agonizing scream going on his knees.

The big wolf in front of him growled while hitting his chest then next, James found himself flying miles away from the scary wolf hitting the ground with a loud thud.

He felt immense pain, the pain he has never felt in his entire life. All his body hurts.

The Alpha king saw that as a time to shift back to his human form.

He doesn't want to kill this surviving human for a reason.

He will be the message he longed wish to send to them.

" Inform your kinds to stay away from my pack, we didn't commit any crime for being carnivores"

" If any of you come back here again, I won't hesitate to make them dead humans "

Alpha Connor warned, he dusted himself, turned around and left leaving James baffled and sober.

He is never going to survive it.

Alpha Connor only concern at the moment was the full moon.

Thinking about the females he is going to take pleasure from.

He will choose the most beautiful ones among them.

Too bad they will die after! That's his tradition, that which he signed for the Omegas.

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