her Cries

It has been a hassle day for the Omegas.

They have been thick tension within the place, the day they all dreaded already sundown.

It is the evening of the full moon and their Alpha king is either here or on his way.

The breeze clattered, as much as everyone was feeling atrocious, they did not want to arrive at the designated place before the Alpha king.

The fear of their king is generally embedded in them.

He is the Alpha of death, the death of the Omegas.

Everyone prayed silently within them not to die by his hands today.

Daciana bit her lips nervously with Okie glued to her side.

Okie is just ten years old, Daciana wish she could hide the girl from what was about to happen.

She knew how she felt during her first time of meeting Alpha king Connor, this very place years ago.

She is apprehensive just like the rest of them. Being a slave is already exhausting, she imagined the scenario of her being a victim.

How will she cope with pain before death?

Daciana has heard a lot of presentiments about the Alpha king, he is a beast.

He has the power of different calibers of male together coupled with his hatred for them.

She won't survive it under him. She knows that herself.

The thought of that made her shudder, she shook her head getting rid of whatever was going on in her mind.

The females wailed as they were pushed forward by their masters.

Mortal terror visible in each of their eyes.

They pleaded for mercy but no one came to their aid, they are slaves after all.

Being dead or alive doesn't matter to anyone.

In the ocean pack, the slaves are to be killed.

Daciana sighted her master coming towards her.

More anxiety sets in. Whatever he is here for can't be any good.

" Master " she bowed her head. Master Kessler snarled at her.

" Why are you not there?" He asked, he loathes her for no reason.

Daciana has gone through a lot in his hands. She is the most hated Omega in the ocean pack.

She was forced to look up at him with a confused expression.

" Are you blind or didn't you hear the news? You are between the age range Alpha king asked to be among the females there,

why aren't you there? Were you waiting for me to relate it to you?"

He added more loudly.

Daciana flinched in trepidation. Her amber eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

Cold sweat broke out of her body. She is aware that her Master doesn't like her but she never knew he hates her to the extent of giving her to death itself.

Bags of tears welled up in her eyes. Is she really going to join the females Alpha Connor is going to choose from ?

Her life has always been messy from the onset.

Daciana couldn't hold the tears that stream down her face.

Her hand tug on her master's dress in terror while shaking her head.

What she dread the most is really coming to reality.

What has she done to deserve this kind of fate?

" Please master, I will do anything you want, I will be more submissive. I am willing to be your slave forever please don't send me to be among those females "

She fell to the ground prostrating to her master but all her efforts yield no result instead, he pushed her to the floor.

" Who do you think you are to think I will consider whatever you have said? Have you forgotten who you are so soon? You are a slave, nothing more "

He reminded her.

That moment, there was an uproar accompanied by a dead silence.

The Alpha king is here ! Different pairs of eyes swam in his direction but no one dared to look him in the eyes.

Master Kessler pushed Daciana forward.

" Go join them before he slaughters both of us "

She was pushed into the middle with those females.

Daciana wiped her tears with her thumb accepting her fate.

There is nothing she could do at the moment.

Her eyes raised at Alpha king Connor. He looks huge, very huge, tall and scary.

The aura around him is intimidating.

She gulped down nothing looking blue funk.

They all bowed and greeted him.

Alpha Connor ignored them, he went straight to the females taking a good look at them.

The lust, desire, hunger and pure hatred were visible in his eyes.

Dolphus followed carefully behind him hoping that the Alpha king doesn't make a thunderous decision to kill this females.

They all look feeble!

The Alpha's eyes were bloodshot, his monster was fully awaken. It is always awake each time he come across an Omega.

He took slow yet powerful steps towards the first female.

At that moment, they'd definitely hear a pin drop.

The young female trembled, her lips quiver in fear of him having interest in her.

Alpha Connor nodded his head, an evil smirk appeared on his face.

She looks plump, a good catch for a foreplay.

" You are chosen " he deadpanned. He stepped closer to the frightened female pressing her boobs.

No one dared to say a thing! Silent! Everywhere was silent!

The girl fell on her knees, ocean of tears flowing down her eyes.

" Please... Please don't choose me Alph king, I just gave birth to a pup, he won't survive without me, have mercy on me Alpha king, I seek for your mercy "

She pleaded on her knees, that got Alpha Connor shitting in anger.

What gave her the courage to speak to him?

Everyone watched, scared of what he might do!

No one dare challenge his order! How could she have asked for his mercy?

Alpha Connor let out a cold laugh!

" You dare question my order? I do not care if everyone of you dies! I'd wipe you all entirely from the surface of the earth if I can, I won't let you go unpunished female "

He furiously removed a sword from Dolphus and it went straight to the female's stomach.

She struggled, scream until she fell in the pool of her own blood.

Daciana couldn't bare the scene in from of her, it was too brutal.

A loud scream of horror, fear and anxiety left her mouth.

The loud echo of her voice rang in the quiet place filled with people.

Tears burned down her eyes, her eyes closed tight and her ears covered with her hands.

Too brutal! It scare her, the way he kills them with no single emotion scare her! .

Alpha Connor's eyes snapped at her direction, his once red eyes morphed into dark blue as he matched towards her.

He yanked Daciana's hair, she gaped in misery. She felt like her scalp was being removed. It hurt so much.

Daciana unclogged her eyes to see the giant Alpha king standing right in front of her.

Her eyes widened, she heard a pang in her chest as it keeps thundering fastly.

The both of them stilled. Alpha Connor's eyes became a mixture of red and blue.

He left Daciana's hair forcefully grabbing her waist.

Darkness, intimidation, fear, power, blood, that is what she is seeing in his eyes.

He sniffed her for the first time shaking his head in disagreement.

Different emotions swimming in his eyes.

Lust, dark desires, to claim but his hatred for her superspeed them all.

He sniffed her consecutively with his breath fanning her neck.

" Mate! " He said with so much disgust!

His body remained stiff, his fingers digging into her waist causing her pain.

Both his cougar and rouge rose in his head, each riled up.

' kill ', ' destroy ', .

They wanted her dead, an Omega being their mate is the last thing they want.

Alpha Connor yanked her hair again, this time more painfully.

" Mine " he declared. His hatred mixed with his burning hunger for her.

His manhood jerked up standing proudly.

Unwavering lust sets in, he wants to take her right here at the moment.

He wants to hurt her yet, his wolf instinct keeps coming in.

She is his mate, he is sexually attracted to her.

He loathes her for being an Omega yet, his wolf wanted to protect her.

For the very first time, the moon goddess has made a wrong pair.

Tears gushed out of her eyes! It hurt so much to be yanked by the hair again and again.

Alpha Connor pushed her away. A heavy push that landed her on the floor.

She let out an agonizing scream not sure of what she is screaming about.

Either being the scary Alpha's mate or him claiming her his.

Her feet became as cold as ice, her eyes darted in terror.

No way she can be his mate! She is supposed to feel it too, why didn't she feel their mate bond?

He hates her so much, she can't be a mate to the devil!

" This female, who does she belong to? Who is her master?"

Alpha Connor asked with a growl!

Master Kessler trembled in fear, he has always known that his petite female slave will bring him troubles!

" I am her Master Alpha king " he bowed fear seething through him.

" I want her, I want just her! From today, you are no longer her master, she will be my slave! My personal slave, my sex slave "

He declared!


Two hours later....

Daciana was curled up in a room, she has been here for two hours!

Unshed tears slipped down her cheeks.

Just within a day, her life took a drastic change.

How will she survive it here? She is aware of wolves high sexuality towards their mates, she doesn't have the strength for him.

He will break her !

The heavy sounds of footsteps drew Daciana's attention towards the door.

Her heart skidded to a halt. Alpha Connor made a grand entrance into the room.

Spine chilled, she bowed her head unable to meet his burning gaze.

He stopped in front of her, growling. He does that a lot when he is angry!

" Raise up your head " he thundered coldly. His voice right now is the most coldest voice Daciana has ever heard in her existence.

She did as instructed without wasting a single time.

Her eyes met with his, they look stone cold and dark. Pure and raw hatred for her in his eyes together with the desire to hurt her through sex.

" Strip "

He commanded loathly. His voice cold as ice!

Daciana's amber eyes stared at him in mortal terror. Terrified, scared and petrified.

" I hate repeating myself female, undress yourself " he added icily.

Daciana forced back the tears that threatened to fall.

She has never seen a raw hatred for her in any wolf's eyes than she is seeing in Alpha Connor's eyes.

Fear slid through her, her hand trembled as she undress herself.

Her eyes sting with tears .

He walked closer to her and ripped her top into pieces exposing her firm breasts leaving her fully naked.

Lust, desire and hatred filled his eyes.

" Get on the bed, lie on your back, spread your legs wide and face up "

Her legs warbled on the floor taking herself to the bed.

No amount of tears will stop him from hurting her.

Again, she did as instructed preparing her mind for what is to come.

She heard riffles of clothes tearing and soon,

she felt him between her legs. She stiffened at his touch! His touch were as cold as his eyes.

His manhood rub her legs as if looking for something.

She could hear him growl, his big muscular body blanketed hers.

His laboured breath burned her neck.

Finally, he found the hole he was looking for and with no warning, he thrust into her aggressively.

For the first time in a long time, Alpha Connor half shift into his rouge.

He allowed his beast take over completely.

He is not promising not to hurt her.

He excessively pinned her down, his rouge snarled, his thrusts into her became harder just the way his eyes morphed into different dark colours.

She is his mate yet, his hatred for her is raw and deep.

The Alpha king's tower was silent, only the painful screams of a female and the loud snarl of the Alpha was heard in the tower.

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