Alpha and his slave

Daciana sat motionlessly, her hands wrapped tightly around her body, her tears flowing down on their own accords.

She was still naked, only the heavy bedsheets shaded her from the unclad eyes of the walls in the room she was kept.

Alpha Connor left her after inflicting pains on her.

She wondered how she will be able to bare this for long.

Daciana felt helpless in this situation, she feel sore, all her body hurt!

Looking down at herself, it scare her a lot that she didn't heal up.

Does the Alpha King has a hand in this?

It is a tradition that wolves heal up after any injury but why is it different now?

Why is she feeling more pain than ever?

She couldn't tell why the Alpha King hates her so much. Just because she is an Omega?

The event of what happened earlier flashed in her mind, it made her shiver which brought her more pain.

Daciana doesn't want to experience that kind of brutal sex ever again but can she ever escape it?

She has always been brave and handled every situation that came her way very well but she felt daunted by the Alpha's severe torture.

She is the king's slave and so, she is supposed to see to his every needs including satisfying his sexual urge.

The Alpha King did not mention or announce that she is his mate, he only claimed her as his slave, his sex slave.

Is that how much he hates her? Did she commit any crime by being an Omega?

She hated the fact that she is his mate. He is repellent towards her and she feel rebelled against him.

Daciana thought about why he has not killed her yet!

Why is he keeping her alive? To torture her? At this point in her life, she wished to be dead than being alive.

There is nothing to live for anymore!

She sniffed in her tears trying to control it. Nothing will change even if she cries her eyes out so why cry?

Just then, the door flipped open revealing two ladies whose heads were bowed while nearing her.

The two of them looked fazed the moment they came close to Daciana.

Their eyes widened in horror as they perceive the Alpha king's scent on her.

No matter how many ladies an Alpha sleeps with, none of them will carry his scent except his mate!

Their Alpha king's mate is an Omega. How could this happen?

Instantly, they felt pity for her. Alpha Connor's hatred for the Omegas will hunt her.

They all know how he despise her kind so much.

He will hurt her beyond his control no matter how his wolf will want to protect his mate.

The two maids shook their heads thinking of how to address her.

As a slave or as their Luna?

Daciana let out a deep sigh of relief, she had thought that maybe the Alpha king came back again.

She doesn't know what they are here for but she certainly believes they won't hurt her like their Alpha does.

She stared up at them with trays of tears dried on her cheeks.

" Luna " one of the maids greeted, she thought it'd be good to settle for that.

No matter how their Alpha king treats her, she is still the Luna! The Luna of the Ocean pack.

Daciana felt surprised as to how they knew she is Alpha Connor's mate and why they addressed her as Luna.

Aren't they supposed to hate her too?

" The Alpha king asked us to bath you, clad you into a dress and also bring you with us"

Her heart skidded. The only thing that kept playing in her mind is that the Alpha wants them to bring her.

He is summoning her! Why? To take pleasures from her body again?

The pain from an hour ago is still fresh! They are not healing nor reducing.

She is glad he didn't mark her, what could she have done being obsessed with the devil? The devil that hates her.

If the Alpha king marks her, she will grow attached to him no matter how much he hurts her.

" W..why?" She stuttered bracing her legs together. So much terror visible in her eyes.

She felt horrified at the mention of his name.

Daciana has always fantasized about how her mate will love her, take care of her, protect her and be glad he has her in his life but reality came knocking at her.

She chuckled at her own misery! She will never experience any of such.

She will forever be a slave to her mate! What a fate!

The two maids glanced at the other then back at the small female seated on the bed!

" That we don't know Luna, I will prepare your bath "

Daciana nodded her head taking herself out of the bed with the bedsheet tightly wrapped around her protectively.

There is no way out of it, she is trapped! Trapped with him for the rest of her existence on this surface called earth!


Alpha Connor sat dominantly, his legs crossed on the other while his head was buried on the paperwork in front of him.

He was writing a message to the Alpha of the next pack on some issues when a knock came on his door.

He paused taking a peek at the door before muttering a come in.

The two maids earlier entered with Daciana trailing behind them anxiously while biting her already trembling lips.

She looks scared of the huge man gracefully seated in front of her.

" She is here Alpha king " they bowed in respect.

Alpha Connor's eyes gazed at Daciana devoid of any emotion.

No one could tell what he was thinking at the moment but to Daciana, she felt his eyes dangerously lacing through her.

" Leave us " he commanded. The maids quickly scurried away leaving just the Alpha and his slave.

Daciana felt woozy, she is trying her best to stand still, scared and without energy.

She sucked in her breathe nervously as she fidget with her fingers.

Alpha Connor folded the paper dropping them on the table beside him.

Soon, he gravitated towards her and stopped inches away from grabbing her.

His cougar waffle its tail aggressively.

The smell of an Omega angers them. They forgot this very one is their mate!

At the same time, seeing her awaken his desire for her. For her body.

" Listen carefully female, do not ever think I will accept you as my mate. You are not, you will never be! You are just my slave, the slave I hate the most and I am your Master! You will not be anything more than that, do you understand?"

He snapped disdainfully while Daciana nodded her head, the pang in her heart was choking her.

Does he hate her that much to the extent of rejecting her?

Alpha Connor grabbed her wrist twisting it painfully.

" You do not nod in reply when I speak to you " he said, his fingers piercing into her wrist excruciatingly.

Daciana screamed!

" Yes, yes " she answered sharply. It didn't take a second for her tears to start forming.

It hurt, so so much!

Alpha Connor released her hand and took a step back from her, his eyes turning into pure red.

" Now remove your dress and undergarments, I did not ask them to dress you up so you could stand here all day,

I told you before, do not let me repeat myself "

He commanded, his voice monotonous and his eyes... His eyes looking as dark as the red sea.

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