slave quarters

Daciana bit her lips anxiously gritting her teeth while soaking up the anger and tears.

Slowly, she began removing her underthings.

Her hands curled up wrapping her body after she undressed herself.

A sudden cold enveloped her naked body.

Alpha Connor's eyes fixated on her with so much desires swimming in them.

Cold. His eyes were still as cold as they were earlier. Nothing changed, he didn't try to hide his hatred for her but he did well by hiding his other emotions from her.

That of possessiveness, so much lust and to claim her his.

He grunted stretching his hands and mauling her to the bed.

Daciana fell on the bed with a loud thud.

Startled, she let out a small whimper. Overthrown with fright, she stared at his icy gaze piercing into her.

He grabbed her thighs, his fingers painfully digging into her skin. He climbed on top of her, his big muscular body covering her small figure.

Breathing hard, Alpha Connor pulled her hair which made her release an excruciating scream.

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