pain and pleasure

Daciana laid peacefully on the bed, her beautiful eyelids were closed.

Dolphus paused the moment he entered into her room, the sight before him wasn't one to be woken up from sleep.

She looks beautiful even while she's sleeping, her long lashes covered a good amount of her upper face.

A strand of her hair fell on her right cheek as her even breath rose up and down her chest.

Dolphus bowed his head that moment the thought of checking out the Luna niggled at him.

Alpha Connor won't spare him even if he's his right hand man.

She is still his mate no matter how much the hatred he has for her is, that's the more reason he can't stay away from her.

Dolphus stepped closer into the room contemplating on either to wake her up or just let her sleep.

The female looks so worn out, she keeps sighing tiredly in her sleep.

But on a second thought, Alpha Connor told him to return with her. It is very necessary because he needs her for the night.

Dolphus won't risk the Alpha's hunger gettin
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