Weak female

The Alpha's tower quieted down due to the settling down of the sun.

Everyone moved towards their quarters and rooms to lay for the night, they needed to sleep the stress gotten during the day off.

No one was aware of what was happening in the Alpha's quarters until they heard a painful female scream.

The wolves in the tower shook their heads. Some in sympathy and others were trying to get used to hearing the screams.

It has become a tradition since the Omega Luna was brought into the Alpha's tower.

They could only imagine how beastly Alpha Connor was treating her to warrant those loud screams.

A good number of them wish they could do something about it.

Some of the maids that hates Omegas for no reason were excited about Daciana being severely punished in a deathly way,

While some thought of the possibilities of her being saved in the future.

She is Alpha Connor's mate, everyone of his subjects here in the ocean pack knows of his monstrous ways but then, the female is his mate
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