Dean's pack

Daciana walked behind Lynne, they were both going to where the mines are in the tower.

She just had her breakfast, wolves naturally has a huge appetite but she couldn't explain why she wasn't able to eat much.

Maybe it's because she is not very hungry.

Daciana walked with her head up high, even as a slave, she carried herself with dignity.

The slave uniform fitted perfectly on her body, aside that it was short. It looks like the dress was made just for her.

It hugs her curvy body but not that too much of exposure then, the people will still see how curvy she is by mere looking at her.

Her beautiful spotless face made some females envy her, her skin looks flawless.

That got some wolves wondering if she wasn't the same person screaming in pain just yesterday.

She looks just fine and even glowing or is she masking her feelings?

She doesn't look like someone in pain or someone in grievance. She looks anything but that.

On their way, she became a subject of stares, some bowed and
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