Alpha King's birth pack

****The next day****

Daciana woke up from the bed feeling a little more healthier than yesterday.

Again, she was met with an empty room, so she thought.

She sat on the bed stretching herself.

The memories of yesterday night came into her mind.

She knitted her brows in utter disbelief. She is still finding it hard to believe that Alpha Connor just let her off the hook with nothing happening to her.

A small smile tugged on her lips as she thought about it.

Is he really changing towards her? Daciana hopes that will be the case, she will be elated to be finally free from his monstrous sex.

Her happy thoughts came to a halt when she heard a loud bang on table the across the room.

She flinched in horror. Her eyes squinted to the direction of the bang only to see two pairs of cold eyes boring holes into her.

Alpha Connor's eyes was bloodshot, his eyes were dark as it keeps morphing into different shades of red.

He looks infuriated. His gaze were hazardous as he stared at her enrage
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