Instilled fear

The awe-stricken female sat there in a pool of her own blood while staring at the enormous man in front of her.

He looks like a beast ready to devour anything he sees.

She could see his shoulders tensed up, his scary eyes were closed for some moments.

Daciana couldn't understand what was going on with the Alpha king.

His sudden behavior scare her to the core.

A sudden pain shoot through her and a painful scream escaped her mouth as she stared at her arm.

It is getting more worse than she thought. The thin nail did pierce deep into her skin and she was hurting.

She stared at her arm then hissed loudly as the pain intensified. It was an excruciating feeling for her.

She thought of what to do but arrived at nothing, what if she decides to leave and that get this already enraged beast more angered?

She feared that the worst might happen at this moment.

Alpha Connor opened his eyes after a long time only to see a bleeding female squatting in front of him with mortal horror visib
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