Alpha David froze, he wasn't expecting that little pup to grow up this big just after a few years.

He is still that fierce kid he had known back then to have the audacity to come back here after escaping the first time.

He roared up in an irritable laughter thinking that the moon goddess is kind to him.

"How bold you are to enter into this place, it's good you are here kid, I have been searching for you for days now after finding out that you are still alive,

and to think that you are addressing yourself as an Alpha irks me, you are nothing but an ordinary wolf who sent himself on exile after witnessing his family's death"

Alpha David replied giving him a dry laugh.

After Alpha Connor introduced himself, his subordinates began backing away frightened by the young male in their front gazing at them with dark eyes which held revenge and strong dislike for them.

They were witnesses to what happened six years ago, it was by luck the rest of them standing here survived his attack.

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