Unconscious Luna

Daciana couldn't help the groan that kept escaping from her mouth, she hissed again and again as the pain in her arms intensified.

She wasn't wrong when she said that Carey hated her.

After Lynne left the field, Carey had made her life a living hell.

He ignored her arm and told her that he doesn't care whether she is hurt or not and that she can't take a break from work because of that even when she tried explaining to him that Kaira was helping her out with her work.

He had given her an entirely different work to do, the type that will hurt her arm and cause her more pain.

Carey wouldn't step an inch away from her, he picks on her at any slightest chance he gets.

She felt really frustrated, annoyed and angry yet she couldn't do anything about it.

Daciana is aware he is doing this on purpose for slapping him this morning.

She has been working and carrying heavy loads nonstop since morning, he even denied her lunch.

"You are such a lazy pimp, how have you survived being a slave
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