Alpha Connor placed Daciana on the bed, she was no longer crying but her mind was far away from the room and the person in front of her.

He sighed sitting down beside her, then placed her head on his shoulder.

"She haven't eaten since morning, please tell Lynne to prepare something for her" Alpha Connor instructed Dolphus who followed them in.

"Right away Alpha king" Dolphus left leaving the two of them alone. If the Alpha king had known that the two of them were broken, he wouldn't have treated her the way he did.

Every of the things that have been happening recently keep on making him reflect on his mistakes. He wasn't the one that got hurt but he is finding it difficult to get over it, what about those that were the victims of his cruelty? How will they feel?

Glancing at his Queen, he sighed and began stroking her back. She need the comfort right now knowing that she might be shocked and stressed outn Some people can't disappear and appear in their lives just the way they want.
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