"Are you sure about that?" He asked smirking at her.

"I have never been sure of anything as sure as hell as I am right now" she replied, begging him with her eyes for him to take her. Since it's nothing bad and it won't affect the baby, she is free to ask him for sex especially after he did the job of turning her on.

Alpha Connor took off his shirt, leaving him in his trouser. He stroke Daciana's clit faster and hard enough to get pleasured by just doing that. It worked because she resumed moaning again. It is a great thing that she easily gets affected by him. It makes him feel special, deep down, he believes he is the only one that will make her feel this way. No one else will be better than him.

He chuckled at his own stupidity, just why is he thinking about that when he is never sharing her with anyone? When she was too lost in the pleasure, he slipped three of his fingers into her at the same time. It happened to hit her G-spot right at that moment and she held the sheet for s
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