Epilogue: his most treasured jewel

The next morning. Daciana woke up to the sunlight piercing through their window. She closed her eyes and opened them again as she tries to adjust to the sunlight.

Taking in her environment, she almost cringed at the unfamiliarity of the room but soon, she remembered that she's in her father's house. Far away from ocean pack and the Alpha king's tower.

"You are finally awake, your Dad thought I did something to you over the night" Alpha Connor said with a slight chuckle.

Daciana turned towards him gawkingly. She didn't notice him in the room until now, even when she looked around. Did he teleport or what?

She blushed as Alpha Connor walked to her and dropped a sloppy kiss on her right cheek. Memories of yesterday night flooded her mind, that made her face redder.

She smiled graciously at him.

"Good morning my king" she greeted him.

"How is my Queen and the baby doing? Did you sleep well?" He asked rubbing her stomach.

"Yes, I did" she replied trying to stand up from the bed but
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