When we finished dinner I went back upstairs to my bedroom and I went into the bathroom to have a shower. I got dressed into a tank top and shorts and I stood in front of the mirror blow drying my ass length snow blonde hair and brushing it at the same time so it didn't go all fluffy on me. And I stared in the mirror at my piercing blue eyes. 

Everyone always looked straight at the eyes because they were so blue and I actually started wearing contact lenses a couple years ago just to dull the colour a bit. I don't need glasses or contacts, it was just to dull the colour. And I was considering weather or not to do that here. 

At my old pack, I was a freak. At this new pack, I might not be a freak. People might actually like my eyes. It was probably just something else for those assholes to tease me about. They always had to find something. Just because we were the outcasts of the pack. And it had me questioning everything about myself. 

When I came out of the bathroom I grabbed another suitcase and took it to the wardrobe and unpacked it as well. 

Once I was finished with that I got in bed and I read for a little while before I turned the light off and I lied down to go to sleep. 

It had been a really long day so it didn't take long for me to go to sleep. 

I was woken up the next morning by my mother shuffling around getting ready for work. So I climbed out of bed and I went downstairs to the kitchen to get a coffee for me and I got one for her too. 

I handed it to her as soon as she came into the kitchen. 

" You are my hero. Thank you so much." She says.

" You look nervous." I say.

" I am nervous. It's my first day. Do I look okay?" She asked. 

" You look very professional." I say. 

" Good. Okay. But I also need to sound like I have authority. I'm going to be in charge here. These nurses have botched a lot of preceedures apparently." Mom says. 

" That's not their fault. Their doctor left and they were forced to do them. I'm sure they didn't like it either." I say.

" I know. But apparently I have to see a lot of patients that they have stuffed up on to see if I can correct the problem." She says.

" Alright. Well, if you need any help then you know where to find me." I says.

" Thank you. And I made sure that you're credit card has enough money on it to go grocery shopping today." She says. 

" No worries. I think I might go for a job first." I say.

" Alright. Just stay out of the woods. They are constantly patrolled by warriors and no one knows you yet. They might attack you thinking that you're an intruder." Mom says. 

" I won't go near the woods. I promise." I say. 

" Alright. I'll see you later." She says. 

" Have a good day. And you're the boss. Don't let them run all over you. You tell them what's what." I sang out after her. 

" Thank you." She sang back. 

I went upstairs with my coffee and I got changed into a black and white sports top and matching tights the revealed my entire torso, socks and sand shoes. 

I left the house and I started jogging down the street and I headed towards town. This was a good way for me to see the town and find out where places were. I found the gym. And I found the grocery store. I jogged past the high school and then down a lot of residental areas until I got back to our house. 

I then went to have a shower and I got dressed into a black short sleeved top with a heart on it but the heart was made up of different coloured feathers, denim shorts and sneakers. 

I then went outside to my red honda civic and I went down town to the grocery store. 

I grabbed a trolley and started walking down each aisle every slowly because we had absolutely nothing. No cleaning supplies or food or anything. So I needed to stock up on everything. 

I noticed a few people looking at me. But this is a werewolf pack and everyone knows everyone else. So obviously they knew that I was new in town but no one approached me. They just let me do my thing and then I got to the register and paid for all our stuff and then I loaded it all into my car and headed home. 

I took all the groceries inside and I started unpacking them when someone rang the doorbell. 

I went to answer it and there was a guy standing there. He was about 6 foot 4 with black hair that was a little long and hung around his ears and it looked like his muscles were going to tear his shirt off of him. 

" Can I help you?" I asked. 

" Are you Ivy Inglewood?" He asked. 

" That depends. Who are you?" I asked. 

" Beau Singleton." He says. 

" Singleton? As in the Alpha." I say.

" Yeah. That's my older brother. I was told that I was meant to be taking care of you while you were new here." He says. 

" Well, come on in then. I assumed that we were going to meet at school." I say as I closed the door behind him and we walked back through to the kitchen. 

" Yeah. I didn't want the public setting or anything. I thought it might be a better idea to meet in private." He says. 

" Alright. But now that I've let you into my house, I need to ask you a very important question." I say. 

" Go ahead." He says. 

" Are you or have you ever been a serial killer?" I asked. And he burst out laughing. 

" No. Not that I know of anyway. But I was accused of sleep walking when I was younger so I can't answer that with a definite response." He says and I laughed as well. 

" Okay. I guess you're alright. For now." I say and I went back to putting the groceries away. 

" I can't believe what an amazing job they did on this house. It was an empty lot two months ago." Beau says. 

" Really? It hasn't had any other occupents?" I asked. 

" Nope. You're the first ones." He says. 

" Wow. No wonder everything is so shiny." I say looking around. 

" So, have you had the pleasure of meeting me great big brother yet?" He asked. 

" Not yet. Do I sense a bit of resentment there? Does someone else want to be Alpha?" I asked side eyeing him and he chuckled. 

" Not after seeing the amount of paper work that the poor bastard has to do." He says. 

" Fare enough." I say. 

"Do you need a hand with any of these things?" He asked. 

" Do you know where any of it goes?" I asked. And he picked up some cleaning products. 

" Under the sink." He guessed. 

" Alright. You can put away the clean crap." I say. So he started helping me out the stuff away. 

" I can't tell you how happy we are to finally have a doctor in the pack now. We've been without one for so long that it's been a complete nightmare. The nurses can't do what a doctor can do." Beau says while we were both working. 

" Yeah. I heard about that. What happened to the last doctor?" I asked.

" He was killed in a Rogue attack. He wasn't singled out but he did get caught in the battle. Usually, women, children and important personnel go to the shelter. But he didn't make it." Beau explained. 

" Shit. That sucks. And you couldn't find anyone to replace him until now?" I asked. 

" Nope. And your mother contacted us. It was a goddess sent gift to us." He says. 

" So, have you seen any action?" I asked. 

" In battle? I've fought a couple of Rogue attacks. Me and my twin brother. I don't know why they keep attacking because they never win or even kill any of us. My brother makes sure that everyone in the pack has proper training so that they can take care of themselves." He explains. 

" That's good. My old Alpha only let teenage girls train in their junior and senior year of high school." I say.

" So, you've only had one year of training? We start them at 13." He says. 

" Damn. You're brother sounds like a good Alpha. Trying to protect the pack." I say. 

" Yeah. He isn't too bad, I guess." Beau says. And my phone went off so I grabbed it out of my pocket. 

" Well, you were right about everyone being happy that my mother is here. She's not coming home for dinner. There's too many people to see and the files are a joke. She's going to be home late." I say as I read the message.

" That sucks." He says. 

" Wanna stay for dinner?" I asked looking at him.

" Yeah. If you don't mind?" He asked. 

" No. I just bought this food to cook. And now she's not coming home." I say.

" What are you making?" He asked.

" Lasagna and salad." I say. 

" Did you get that frozen lasagna from the grocery store?" He asked. 

" Who the hell eats frozen lasagna? I make mine from scratch." I say looking at him like he had grown two heads. What he just said made absolutely no sense to me. 

" Hell yeah I'm staying for dinner. I'll just let my parents know." He says getting his phone and sending them a message. 

So I left out the ingredients that I needed for dinner but I put everything else away and I started making everything from scratch and Beau helped me doing other little things so it didn't take as long to do. And then it went in the oven to cook and I started getting the mixed salad ready. 

We sat at the table talking while dinner was cooking and when it was ready I dished it up and we sat there eating it. 

" Oh my god. Are you looking for a job? I will totally boot the cook at the local restaurant if you want." Beau says and I start laughing. 

" No thanks. I think I'm going to concentrate on school and actually graduating with good marks. My mother doesn't really want me getting a job until I have to." I explain. 

" Please tell me that it's going to be cooking in this pack." He says. 

" If you think that's good. Then you should see the cakes I can bake and decorate." I smirk. 

" Wow. I have a feeling that you're mother isn't the only one who is going to be a goddess send to this pack." He says and I laugh at him. 

" That was so cheesy." I say and he started laughing too. 

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I feel like if you removed your all of the he says , I say, he asked, I asked after the sentences it would flow a lot better
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Marrie Mitipelo
Cool chapter!
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Their flow is so smooth. I’ve had to re-read the chapter to get pointers on how to make friends so easily.

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