After dinner Beau helped me with the dishes and cleaning up and everything and then he had to get going and I made sure all the doors were locked and I went upstairs to my room. 

I had a shower and I got dressed into a singlet and shorts and I went to the library and started unpacking my boxes of books until I heard mom finally get home at around 11pm. So I went out to the kitchen to see her. 

" You're dinner's in the fridge." I say. 

" Fantastic. Thank you so much." She says opening the fridge but then examing the large dish of lasagna. " You must have been hungry." She commented seeing how much was missing. 

" I ate the usual amount. I had company." I say. And she closed the fridge door without getting any food looking at me suspiciously.

" You can calm down. It was Beau. The Alpha's little brother. He stopped by to meet me when I got back from buying groceries and that's when you sent me the text saying that you weren't going to be home. So I invited him to stay." I explained. 

" What's he like?" She asked. 

" Really nice. Funny. We get along great." I say. 

" There was nothing about him that felt off? Like at the old school?" She asked. 

" No. But they don't know about us like they did at the old school. So, I think he's just going to treat me like any other girl there." I say.

" Good honey. I'm happy if that's how it will be. But remember, just be on guard. You don't want to trust the wrong person." She says. 

" Believe me, I've learnt what people not to trust. He didn't seem like any of them. He was really cool." I say. So mom got some dinner out and heated it up and we talked while she are. 

" So, all of the botched proceedures that the nurses have done, those patients have made appointments and are coming to the hospital so that I can treat them again and fix what the nurses have done." Mom finished explaining about her day. 

" So, a lot of late night?" I asked.

" Yeah. Sorry. I know that we have movie nights on Saturday night and I completely missed it tonight." She says. 

" It's alright. You have to work. I get it. We'll make up for it in a few weeks when things settle down." I say. 

" Absolutely. Nothing will stop an all night movie binge." She says. 

" Alright. I'm gonna finish unpacking the boxes in the library and then I am going to go to bed." I say. 

" No worries. I'll hopefully see you in the morning. I have to leave pretty early for a Sunday." She says. 

" That's alright. I'm sure we'll still talk." I say and I lean down and kiss her cheek before I leave. 

I finished in the library and then I headed upstairs to bed. I read for a little while before I finally fell asleep. 

Mom was right. I didn't hear her the next morning and she was gone when I got out of bed at 9am. So I went downstairs and made a coffee and I sat at the table drinking it, trying to wake up properly. 

After that I went to the living room and started going through the TV apps until I found a movie that I hadn't seen for a while and decided to watch it while I was lying on the couch. 

My phone started going off so I had a look at it. 

BEAU - Watcha doing? 

ME - Watching a movie.

BEAU - What kind of movie?

ME - A scary movie haha

BEAU - What's your favourite scary movie?

ME - Very original. Like I said last night, cheesy. 

BEAU - LOL. Got any plans today?

ME - Nope. Movies. Chill day before I start school tomorrow. 

BEAU - Want some company? 

ME - Depends. Do you talk the whole way through a movie? 

BEAU - Only to piss my brothers off. I won't do it to you. 

ME - Ok. You can come over.

BEAU - Wait. You're not watching a chick flick, are you? 

ME - Hell no. Rampage with Dwayne Johnson. 

BEAU - Start it from the beginning. I love that movie and I am on my way. 

I laughed at that so I stopped the movie and I got up to get some snacks and drinks and put them on the coffee table and Beau got there surprisingly fast. 

" You're lucky I had only just started watching that movie. If I had gotten too far into it then I wouldn't have restarted it." I admit as I opened the front door.  

" Wow. Messaged in time. I thought you'd sleep in on a Sunday." He says coming into the house. 

" I don't really sleep in." I say and we walk through to the living room. 

" Holy shit. It's like a movie theatre in here." He says. 

" What can I say. I know how to put on a good movie marathon." I say as we sat on the couch. 

" Did you do this a lot back at your other pack?" He asked. 

" Every Saturday night with mom. We always had our movie nights." I say. 

" But not with your friends?" He asked. I didn't really know how to answer that. I didn't want to lie to him but I didn't want to tell him the truth either.

" Alright. You're talking and you're not meant to be. Shush." I say pressing play on the movie. 

We watched that whole movie in silence but I could tell that it was killing Beau to stay silent for that long and I almost started laughing at him a couple of times. But I controlled myself. But once the movie was over, he was talking a mile a minute and I couldn't even understand anything he was saying. 

" Oh my god. Stop. You're going to pop a vein or something soon." I yell. 

" Sorry. But that was a long movie." He says. 

" It's an hour and a half. Oh my god, you're a talker aren't you. I'm never watching movies with you again." I say. 

" I'll be good. What's next?" He asked. 

" San Andres." I say. 

" I'm starting to sense a theme here." He says. 

" Hunky Dwayne Johnson. You bet." I say giggling. 

" Oh my god. You're lucky he makes good movies." He says. 

" No, you're lucky he makes good movies otherwise you would probably be out of here by now." I say. 

" Alright. I'll give you that one." He says and I chuckle at him. 

So I put the next movie on and he started saying something but I hit the back of his head.

" Shush." I say. 

And he tried to say something else and I hit the back of his head again. 

" Shush." I say. 

After about the fourth time, he realized that was going to be the theme of what happened during the movie so he stopped trying to talk. Instead he started chewing on the food really loudly and drinking his drinks loudly and I finally had enough and when he bought the bottle of soft drink up to his mouth I hit the bottom of it and he had to try and hold it in until he was on the wood floor. Not the couch or the carpet and I pissed myself laughing at him. 

" You bitch." He yelled and I was still laughing my ass off. 

" It was fucking worth it." I say.

" I can't believe you did that." He says. 

" You made the mess. You clean it up." I say.

" I don't know where anything is." He says. 

" You packed it all away yesterday." I say. And his mouth dropped open. 

" Shit." He says slinking off to the kitchen. And I had to rewind the movie to see what we just missed. 

Beau stayed for three movies before he was called home by the Alpha and he says that he will see me at school tomorrow. 

" Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" I asked. 

" Watch out. I don't get punked and never reply. By the way, what's your favourite scary movie?" He asked in the voice of ghostface as he was leaving the house. 

" Fucking clown." I say to myself. 

I cleaned up from our movie marathon and I went upstairs to my room and I wanted to make sure that I had everything ready for school tomorrow in my bag. And I went through my wardrobe to pick out an outfit. I wanted to look nice but also fit in. This is when I hated being a girl. 

Besides, I never fit in with my hair and eyes. They stick out like a sore thumb so I was going to be nervous no matter how things turned out. But I finally picked something out and hung it on the back of the wardrobe door. 

I then went downstairs and made dinner. I read while I ate alone and I put the rest in the fridge for mom when she got home. 

I then went upstairs and had a shower and got into my pyjama's and I sat at the desk goggling crap on the internet for a little while before I finally climbed into bed and went to sleep. 


As soon as I got home I was called into my brother's office and he was sitting behind the desk doing some paperwork. 

" Have a seat." Asher told me. 

" Have I done something wrong?" I asked. 

" No. Did you go and meet the doctors daughter?" Asher asked. 

" Yeah. I met her yesterday. And we just had a movie marathon today that you just pulled me away from." I say. 

" You went back over there today?" He asked confused. 

" Yeah. She's cool. I really like her. When are you going to let her and her mother officially join the pack?" I asked. 

" Soon. There's no rush. Their not going anywhere. What is she like? The daughter?" Asher asked. 

" I told you. She's cool. She's fun to hang out with. Although I wouldn't stop talking through the movie so when I went to take a drink she hit the bottom of the bottle and I had to stop it from spilling on the new carpet and couch." I grunted and I could tell that he was trying not to laugh at that. 

" It's not funny. I had to crawl to the wooden floor. And then she made me clean it up." I say. And he did start laughing. 

" I wish I could have seen that." Asher says. 

" We should have a movie night here. Invite her over. I have a feeling that she didn't have any friends at her old pack. Whenever I ask her about it she changes the subject. And never mentions missing any friends. I thought that was weird for a teenage girl. Usually teenage girls are joined at the hip. But not her." I say.

" Well, that doesn't make sense if you say that she's as cool as she is." He says. 

" I know. I don't get it either. But I like her. I'm not so pissed at you anymore for asking me to show her around school and make sure that she fits in. I'm actually looking forward to it." I say. And Asher glares at me when I say that. 

" What's your problem? Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked. 

" Oh no. Sorry. That wasn't meant for you. My mind wondered somewhere else. I'm glad that you two are getting along. We don't want to loose this doctor. So make sure everyone knows to be on their best behaviour and make her daughter feel welcome. Her daughter is apparently her lifeline. That's all she really cares about. Even over her career. We don't want anything to happen to loose this doctor." Asher explained. 

" I know. You've told me all of this. Can I go now?" I asked. 

" Yeah." Asher says. So I left his office thinking that he was way too uptight about loosing this doctor. Teenagers tease and they can be mean. I can't do anything about that. I will stick up for Ivy because I like her but I know how bitchy teenage girls can be. And my ex girlfriend is going to be a nightmare when she sees me hanging around with Ivy. I definitely had my work cut out for me here. 

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I thought they were twins
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Good so far. I still don’t know where the story is going but I like it

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