I avoided Beau for the rest of the day. Even in training that afternoon that was mandatory. And instead I teamed up with a girl that I didn't even know. I hadn't met her or seen her all day.

" Well, if we're going to be beating the crap out of each other today I should probably introduce myself. I'm Spencer." She says.

" Ivy." I say.

" Yeah. You've already gotten around. That shit at lunch time. Emma's an entitled bitch. She deserved what you gave her. Most people aren't game enough to fight back." She says. Well, I've had to fight back a lot in my life otherwise people would have been walking over me wherever I went in my old pack.

" She pissed me off." I say.

" Yeah. She does that very easily." Spencer says. And then the instructor got started and demonstrated a few different moves and we got straight into training. But I could feel Beau watching me almost the whole time even though I ignored him and had nothing to say to him.

He tried to catch up with me after school but
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Evann Brosh
Great book ...
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Marrie Mitipelo
Yay... I was quite upset at Ivy walking away from Beau...
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Melissa Wilson
Glad they made up, but she was too hard on him.

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