That day at school went by pretty smoothly. And in the afternoon I was paired up with Spencer again during training. But Beau and Cole were always paired up together. I ignored them yesterday but I paid a little bit of attention today and they were actually pretty comical to watch. They took every cheap shot in the book and acted like true siblings.

Beau ended up getting the last blow when he punched Cole in the crotch and Cole fell to the ground holding himself like they were going to fall off or something. And he turned to me with a huge smile on his face.

When we finished training we headed to the locker room and my room was right next to Spencer's and she says that it looks like Beau and I are back on track.

" What are you talking about?" I asked.

" Everyone thought that you and him were over before you began." She says.

" We're not together. We're friends." I say confused.

" Oh. The way you two act, you really look like you're dating. If not, you're at least
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Stacy Butler
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Touched By A Vamp
Now Beau and Ivy caught feelings and they’re both going to be hurt when they find out she’s the Alpha’s mate.
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Touched By A Vamp
I’m assuming Asher new Ivy was his mate because her mom smelled of her when they met that first time. He should have been honest with Beau.

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