" Alpha Jackson." He says.

" I think that's why he has her. Because she was going to ruin him." I say.

" When did you find this?" He asked.

" This morning when I trashed her room and office. There's a lot of stuff in her office from Jackson. Threatening letters, a bank statement and bank book where he was depositing money every month into an account that was in my name. None of it made sense until now. It was hush money. Because he was the bastard that raped her. And I am the bastard child that he needs to keep quiet." I say.

" You're in more danger than I realized. If he is desperate to make sure that his dirty little secret doesn't come out." He says.

" I know. But we don't even know where the hell he is. He could be anywhere between here and West Virginia. And it's not like I'm his oldest kid. I don't have any right to his pack. The only thing he has is that he's worried I am the proof that he raped my mother." I say.

" We will find him for that and I will deliver him to t
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Karina Vazquez
Where did he go? Did they get him first?

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