I was on the floor crying. No matter what I did I couldn't stop. I was shaking, I was hysterical. There was nothing anyone could do for me.

One of the guards bought that women out of his office who said that they should get rid of me and Alpha Asher growled when he saw her.

" Just take her to the cell for now. I don't have time to deal with her." He ordered. So the guard took her towards the basement stairs.

Cole and Asher helped me up and they took me to my room but that didn't help any. I still couldn't calm down. I could tell that they were mind linking each other because they couldn't talk freely about this in front of me, but neither of them would leave my side.

My phone started ringing and Asher grabbed it and noticed the number as the same prank phone call that had been calling me.

" Listen to me to you son of a bitch. You already killed her mother, leave her the f**k alone or I will find you and rip your f**king throat out." Alpha Asher yelled into the phone before he
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Ghost hunter
getting so interesting can't wait to read more
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That’s a disappointing character development for beau. I liked him and thought he would be a better brother

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