" Why the hell would he take out the werewolf coucil?" I asked.

" So that he can do whatever he wants with no one stopping him." I say.

" Werewolves aren't going to be happy about that." I say.

" Beau told me that he's been recruiting. He's gathering an army. He's taken out Alpha's of little packs and then taking over their packs." Dad explained. That's everything that Beau was telling him.

" How big has he gotten his pack so far?" I asked him.

" I'm not sure. No one is. He has then scattered everywhere. But they are too scared to go against him." Dad says.

" We need to do our own recruiting." Ivy says.

" What?" I asked.

" Pretty soon his pack will be bigger than this one. And there is no way in hell that we can allow that to happen. If he becomes bigger then us then we are as good as dead. At least most of us will. The rest will be treated as slaves." I say. And I saw Cole put his arm around Olivia worried about what was going to happen to her.

" How do we
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Karina Vazquez
I am glad she figured the mate thing out and hopefully Beau is not really a traitor

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