" Have you spoken to the Alpha about this?" He asked.

" I don't need to speak to the Alpha. You've seen everything that's going on. Him and his alliances have already agreed to stand up to Jackson. The fight will be here in no time. And I don't want to be left without being able to defend myself." I insist.

" Alright. We'll talk about this tomorrow. With with Alpha. If you can convince him then we'll do it." He says.

" No worries. He'll agree if it means that I can take care of myself and he doesn't need to be so worried about me." I say. And I walk up the other flight of stairs and I go back to my bedroom where Asher was still asleep.

I got changed into my pyjama's and then I climbed into bed and I pulled the covers over both of us and I rolled on my side away from Asher to try and get to sleep. But he ended up rolling over as well and I felt his arm drape over my waist.

My breathing hitched for a moment but I realized that he was still asleep and it was definitely the bond
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Stacy Butler
the traitor/s is either Emma, Spencer or Liam. at least that's the vibe I'm getting

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