The twins and I were released from hospital a week later and it was so good to finally be home. And the staff was all there to greet us and welcome us home. But I saw them all giving Asher sideways glances while he was holding one of the baby capsules.

" Listen, I owe everyone here an apology. I know that I wasn't myself while Luna Ivy was gone. And I am really sorry about that. I swear I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you. You don't need to be scared of me anymore. She's home now and I am complete with my girls' home." Asher announced to the staff. And I could tell how genuine he was and so could they. A lot of them physically relaxed afterwards.

" It is so good to be home and to see you all again." I say to everyone.

" Come on. You need to see the girls' room. We've been busy working on it while you've been in hospital." Asher says.

So we walked up to the third floor and the room next to Connor's room was done up completely in pink with two cots and two more of ev
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